Saturday, July 29, 2017

169. A Four Hour Commute

Sure, given a winter storm or an unannounced routing change, a four hour round trip commute is understandable, but here's what happened last Tuesday.

It all started on 
Monday while pruning a lilac tree (I know, too late in the season to be trimming but whatever), I fell head first into the tree, with my left arm straight, hand extended: radial fracture.

So no driving, no cycling, and certainly didn't feel like running.  At 6 am I started with a 35 minute walk to light rail station, waiting just 2 minutes then a 15 minute ride to the stadium station.  As I exit, I see my express bus leave the stop across the street.  Wait 25 min for next bus, 45 min to my stop, then 10-15 min walk to my office, walking into my office at 8:15.

Going home a little easier because I caught a bus from my office to the express stop, then another bus from the light rail station to within a few blocks from home (so three buses and one light rail).  Day total 4 hours. And people ask why I'm retiring next year.

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